Royal Navy 1980 diver reissue and issue compared.

November 01, 2017

Royal Navy 1980 diver reissue and issue compared.

The watch that replaced the milsub.

We show here a comparison of the original CWC 1980 Royal Navy Divers watch and the  CWC 1980 RN reissue version.


The vintage lume with T was selected as this preference was expressed by many customers and we wanted to manufacture the watch as close to original spec as possible.

This current vintage lume gives a look and feel of an aged dial and has been well received, as most of the first batch are sold.

A lighter coloured aged lume, and possibly a regular modern day lume, will be available with the next batch early in 2018, which can be retrofitted to existing watches. More on this in the new year.

We would also like to clarify the following points regarding the reissue watch, which has been made as close as possible given the 38 years time span.

1. The case is polished as per the original, however as the original 1980 watches are now 38 years old, the polished cases have tarnished and worn over the years as will the reissue (check back in 38 years).

2.The 1980 did not have "Swiss made" on the dial and the dial markers went right to the edge as does the 1980 reissue. The 1981 model had Swiss made on the dial and a larger T, which continued right up to modern day. This is what makes the 1980 dial unique.

3. The case and case back of the 1980 and 1981 CWC divers watches were different from the later models. The case for the reissue is exact in every detail, the only difference is 38 years of wear.

4. The bezel is not a solid etched bezel but a luminous clear resin insert in a stainless bezel which is as per the original.

We hope this is a useful post, and if you have any questions regarding the 1980 reissue divers watch, please get in touch.

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