29 February 2020 Launch of the CWC T20

February 26, 2020 1 Comment

29 February 2020 Launch of the CWC T20

Link to the T20 here. 

In 1980, the M.O.D. released a tender specification for the first quartz watch issued to all branches of the British forces. While the 70s tonneau shape case was specified, the early Swiss quartz movements couldn't fit this case and so the G10 "Fat Boy" was born.

Now, modern Swiss movements and manufacturing bring you the "Lost Boy", the watch that should have been made but never was... until now!

The Defence Standard for the "Watch, Wrist, Electronic, General Service" was dated the 29th of February 1980, a leap year day. Forty years to the day, it is making its debut. The T20 designation refers to the Tonneau case released 2020.

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1 Response

Mr B G Davidson
Mr B G Davidson

February 28, 2020

Love this. Really love how you have marketed it as the “Lost Boy”.as well. Thank you for designing and making these watches and deciding to sell to the public.. :-)

PS If you ever do decide to put an auto winder in the GS Sapphire please let us know. I am happy to make a request for one of those special commissions you sometimes do. I have some savings!!

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