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Please note: Phoenix straps will fray and the holes will stretch. This is particular to the Phoenix straps. They are tough and will last a long time but if you do NOT like your straps looking vintage or worn quickly, please buy the CWC issue straps, which do not fray or stretch and stay looking fresh much longer.

  • Genuine issue watch straps as supplied to HM forces.
  • Made to government specification since 1978.
  • UK-made.
  • Phoenix logo etched on buckle.
  • Genuine strap is heat-welded as specified and purchased by MOD.
  • Available in green, grey, black and James Bond (007).
  • 18mm suitable for quartz general service or 1970s mechanical general service.
  • 20mm suitable for divers' watches and chronographs.
  • Select colour and width from the choices available.
  • Approximate length of straps: 290mm (some stock may vary).

How to fit a pass-through strap.

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