CWC Jump Strap

Item code: 73276


The black/red fits all our watches including Divers and Chronos. It will be a tight fight for the G10 and GS range

Made in the UK from parachute elastic, utilising the Royal Marines issue utility buckle. Falklands era and date-stamped early 1980s to make a perfect combination for a CWC watch.

On and off in a few seconds, can be micro-adjusted for that perfect fit. Extra long, can be worn over diving suit or combat clothing. Can be cut and resealed to length.

The buckle stays threaded for ease of use, just slide it on and off. Just pull, giving resistance against the body, to tighten. One loop keeper fitted to retain excess strap.
How to fit and use this strap.

(We also have limited stocks of date-stamped 1982 olive green Falkland issue straps.)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
CWC jump strap

I’m really enjoying this strap for many reasons.
It’s holding my Marathon JSAR on it at the moment and that is no lightweight watch!
I already have the Royal Marine strap with this chunky buckle and was pleased to find it didn’t get in the way and is also very comfortable when on.
It comes with two strap keepers that help enormously as it has a long length of strap once on.
Wish there were more options on colours but that would mean spending more!
All in all a great strap that keeps my watch secure and comfortable.
It also came really quickly which is always good.
Too strap, great work CWC and Silvermans.

Martin Brown
Jump strap

Very happy with the fit and quality. Much better than the cheaper stretch strap. Thank you !!

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