Watch Roll - 1955 Dated

Item code: 73074
New vintage stock 1955 dated.
Perfect item for watch collecting, storing watches, travelling with watches, showing/displaying watches. Date stamped 1955 with the military arrow under the flap.
Ideally, this watch-roll holds a maximum of 8 watches.
Material is rubberised cotton, which is extremely tough and water-resistant and will protect your watches. Made in an era when military kit was was made to be soldier proof. A genuine military item of limited availability.
Please note, these items are 62 years old.
These watchrolls have a military surplus odour which will diminish over time and is mainly due to the rubberised nature of the material and stored in military crates. 
Note: Watches not included.

Measures 24cmx11cm(closed); 24cmx56cm(open)
Weighs 120grams

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