CWC Single Pass Ribbed Strap

Item code: 20044

Single-pass sturdy ribbed nylon weave webbing watch straps, without the usual security strap and third loop of a standard military strap. This gives a lower profile, as there is only one layer under your watch instead of two. There are 14 holes, closer together for finer adjustment. Approximately 280mm in length. Heat-welded.

Available in great colours with more to be added.

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Customer Reviews

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Ronny Søndervik

CWC Single Pass Ribbed Strap


Once again, excellent service from CWC, fantastic product at an affordable price point.

CWC Single Pass Ribbed Strap

After wearing one of these straps for almost a year, I decided to purchase three more of them in different colors. I like them over the traditional Phoenix straps because they are more durable. The “fire hose” weave pattern lends a unique aspect to the strap profile. I enjoy the CWC logo on the strap buckle since matches the product to the CWC watch.

I use the ribbed straps on the newly released Falcon Chronograph.

David Forgrieve

Very pleased with both item & service. Being already single pass, the ribbed strap required no modification before use and the holes are close enough together to allow fine adjustment. Thank you.

Paul F
Good colour and just right

These single pass straps are ideal if you have a smaller wrist. Comfortable and easy to wear

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