Forstner Klip Stainless Steel Strap

Item code: 73843

18mm suitable for W10 / Mellor G10 and GS range of watches.
19mm suitable for G22 / Original RAF / RN Chronographs and Falcon Chronograph.
20mm suitable for RN / SBS / Heritage Divers watches and Sea Falcon.

Forstner, in the 1940s, created a series of Bamboo- or Bonklip-style watch bracelets. These stainless steel watch bands, with their ladder design, had many of the same features that popularized the Komfit with NASA astronauts. They were adjustable, having the ability to be sized in increments of about 3mm, fit a wide variety of wrist sizes, and, of course, were extremely comfortable. The bracelets also could be worn with watches having fixed (non-removable) lug bars. As a result, the Bamboo- or Bonklip-style bracelets were often provided with military-supplied watches, which often had such fixed bars. Forstner created a version, however, that improved on prior designs, with a spring-loaded clasp that made the wearing experience more intuitive yet still secure. This feature is included on the current reissue.

The Forstner Klip brings back one of the most popular bands in Forstner's historic catalog. The present bonklip-style bracelet has an 18mm wide central portion, with alternating brushed and polished finishes on the rectangular "ladder" design, and a polished spring-loaded clasp. Made entirely of stainless steel, the band is light, breathable, and extremely comfortable, having the ability to be easily sized in approximately 3mm increments for the perfect fit.

Adjustable between 115mm and 230mm (fits wrists ranging from approximately 6 inches to 8 inches). The central "ladder" portion is 18mm wide for all variants. End pieces are fixed design, and offered in sizes 18mm, 19mm and 20mm The end piece fits fixed lug bars up to 1.5mm thick (there is a 1.5mm slit behind the lug piece that clips over such fixed bars).

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Customer Reviews

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Gareth Davies
Final boss

This bracelet levelled up my RN diver to lv100. Final boss defeated. +1000xp

Reiner Dientel
Forster strap

Super leicht , einfach in der Handhabung und sieht gut und passend aus für die CWC Taucher

Forstner Klip Stainless Steel Strap

Pros: It fits no matter your wrist size. It makes the watch look a bit "dressier".
Con's: The two little tabs on the side are temperamental and can make removing the band difficult. Decades ago when I was a kid I had an inexpensive Timex with a similar band. It was much easier to use. I also had to take a pair of needle nose pliers and bend the prongs to make it fit the watch, however, it wasn't too difficult.


Difficult to release

Campbell Cameron
Forster clip

Great quality,light and comfortable. Just perfect for fix bars

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