CWC - 47 years of Military issue watches


This is a pre-order deposit of £100 with a total purchase value of £799 for 1 SBS DIVERS WATCH. A great way to purchase a current military issued watch and a way to support a great cause.  
Balance of £699.00 due when your watch is ready for dispatch.  
20% will go to support the Reorg Cause. 

Delivery end of June.

This item is exactly as issued to RM currently but with a customised REORG dial and caseback. 

Please add a note on your order (bottom of the basket page) clearly stating the   Your Name & personal details up to 2 lines you would like engraved on your case back. The serial number will be allocated in the sequence we receive your order. 

Pre-order deposit for 1 CWC SBS REORG limited edition divers watch.

The movement in your watch is the Swiss ETA 955.122 quartz. 

The CWC SBS was first issued in 1987 and is currently in service with Royal Marines & RN dive instructors. 
NATO number 0555/6645-99-7995443

    • Limited to 50pcs with 
    • REORG dial, REORG insignia to case back and individual serial No. 
    • A special watch with history and provenance second to none.
    • Made in our factory in Switzerland  as we have done since 1972, Precise, reliable, accurate timepiece. 

Your watch will come supplied on the Black nato strap as standard or any other colour of your choice. 

We plan to be able to deliver the watches around the end of July/August due to manufacturing of the dials,   case backs, & personalisation. 

The total price £799 includes UK Shipping and Insurance by UPS and should arrive in a day or two once the personalisation is complete. Overseas shipping is £25 airmail or £75 UPS 

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