Item code: 20053

Please note, canvas straps inherently wear and fade, which gives the vintage look. Canvas is a cotton material that will fade as it wears and darken or lighten over time depending on use. We suggest a nylon strap that will not fade if this is your preference.

Default is without stamp. We do not stamp on black straps currently. For stamping on multiple straps, please change the stamp quantity in your basket and leave a message indicating which straps you want stamped. For any special instructions, please leave a message with your order.

Vintage style canvas version of our issue watch strap. Canvas straps were issued before nylon became available, and will age and look fantastic the more you wear it. They wear in and become very comfortable and made to be very durable.

The holes are reinforced with stitching. Brushed stainless hardware and CWC logo on buckle. 18mm or 20mm.

Please note, the 18mm can be a tight fit when used on certain years of the G10 range of watches, but they do go on. Inserting the end sideways can help thread it through the gap, and a side-to-side motion as you work it through also helps. If you are unable to get it through, you can use a small vice or pliers (with a cloth over the end of the strap to keep it clean), compress the end and work it side-to-side to pull it through.

Strap length is approximately 28cm.

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