CWC are open and shipping as normal. Minor delays possible


Please only use this link if you have previously paid a Deposit for the REORG watch.

Balance to pay for CWC REORG TACTICAL DIVER. 

Please note we are UNABLE to accept the FINANCE PAYMENT option for this item.
Thank you for your understanding. 

20% of the total sale will be supporting Reorg. 

Exactly as issued to RM / RN currently with a customised REORG dial and case back.

The CWC SBS was first issued in 1987 and is currently in service with Royal Marines & RN divers. NATO number 0555/6645-99-7995443

Your watch will come supplied on the Black Nato strap as standard or other colour of your choice. 

We plan to start delivering the watches before the end of 2020, however please allow for unforeseen delays should they arise due to Covid-19 we will do our best to deliver on time.  

The total price £695 plus shipping
Overseas shipping is £30 DHL.  

    • First batch of 100. 
    • REORG dial, REORG insignia to case back and individual serial No. 
    • A special watch with real history and provenance. 
    • Supporting REORG


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