How to fit a military strap to a CWC watch

Please see our range of military straps in the link below if you are familiar with how to fit one.

See our range of straps and accessories here.


We have added this page for customers who are using the 'Strap Wrist Watch Nylon' for the first time or who are not familiar with this type of strap.

The military pass-through style strap is one-piece with a security retaining strap, which doubles as a locating strap to keep the watch in the correct position.

1. First, thread the long strap through the watch's fixed bars, starting at the top of the watch and then through the bottom strap bar on the watch, ensuring that the buckles are facing upwards.

2. Thread the end of the strap through the loop on the retaining strap so that the watch is held between the second loop on the strap and the loop of the retaining strap. There are effectively two straps passing under the watch.


3. To put the watch on the wrist, we would recommend doing this over a table, a low soft surface or on your lap so as not to drop the watch if you accidentally lose hold of the strap (surprising how many are dropped this way on stone kitchen or bathroom floors, speaking from experience).

4. Once the buckle is fastened, thread the end through the first loop and over the top of the second loop so that you can feed the excess of the strap back down behind both loops. This creates a neat fold and keeps the excess out the way and stays folded once pressed a few times.

5. If you have a small wrist, or the strap is too long to fold the excess back behind the loops, you can insert the end of the strap through both loops and then back through the loops on the outside. This is not as neat but means you can push more of the excess back through the loops.


 We hope this helps to get the best out of your CWC watch and strap.


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