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Cabot Watches

CWC was founded in 1972, at a time when a handful of companies were tendering for government contracts. The emphasis was on quality, durability, reliability and accuracy with minimal maintenance, made to military specification. CWC began winning contracts and quickly established itself as one of the
main suppliers to the M.O.D.
Over a 45 year period, tens of  thousands of CWC watches were issued and many still survive today, even after military service.
A true testament to the durability of our watches.

CWC has supplied to RAF, Royal Navy, SBS, British Army and many foreign governments. CWC watches are made to the highest Swiss standards, using Swiss parts, and come with a 3 year warranty.

We have manufactured pilots' chronographs, Royal Navy and Special Forces divers' watches together with many thousands of NATO general service timepieces to all branches of the armed forces.