Cabot Watches

CWC was founded in 1972 to tender for government contracts. The focus being on durability, reliability and accuracy with minimal maintenance, made to military specification. CWC won contracts and soon established itself as one of the leading suppliers to the M.O.D.
Over the last 46 years tens of  thousands of CWC watches have been issued and many still provide accurate timekeeping and enjoyment for military watch enthusiasts collectors and regular customers alike. A true testament to the durability of CWC watches.

CWC have supplied RAF with pilots chronographs and general service watches, Royal Navy with divers watches and general service watches, Royal marines & SBS with divers watches which are still issued, British Army with general service watches, divers watches.
CWC watches are made to the highest Swiss standards, using Swiss parts, and are covered by a 3 year warranty.

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