CWC - 46 years of Military issue watches

CWC - 46 years of Military Watches.

Cabot Watch Company was founded in 1972. with the purpose in mind to make Military watches for the British Forces.
The Mechanical GS Navigator and the Pilots mechanical asymmetrical chronograph were the first watches to be produced by CWC 

In 1980, CWC supplied the first quartz watch for the British military, the G10 Quartz (nicknamed "Fatboy" due to a deeper case), and in the same year won the contract for the watch that replaced the Rolex Milsub - the 1980 Royal Navy Diver Automatic.

In 1982/3, the CWC Royal Navy quartz divers' watch was issued, and this remained an issued watch well into the 2000s. Also in the 80s, the Fleet Air Arm chronograph was issued to Navy pilots and asymmetrical RAF chronographs were issued with the new oval logo.
In 1987, a new watch was requested by the MOD, the black Special Forces RM SBS issue quartz divers' watch. CWC continues to supply this watch to the MOD. 

Today, CWC continues to supply watches and straps to the MOD, such as the "CWC Strap Watch Wrist Nylon" (the official term for NATO strap).

CWC watches are manufactured to military specifications which includes fixed strap bars and this heritage continues throughout our whole range, making upgrades or enhancements to improve performance. Our GS Sapphire is uprated to 200m waterproof and features a sapphire glass and eight year lithium battery module.

CWC timepieces have been supplied to all branches of British armed forces.

Many older watches still survive today, having seen military service, a true testament to their durability. Some CWC watches are now becoming rare and collectable such as the 1980 CWC G10, 1980 CWC RN Divers watch, CWC 1970's GS Navigators mechanical watches, CWC pilots 1970's chronograph, CWC SBS issued watches, CWC Royal Navy issued Quartz watches. 

We are extremely proud of our heritage and products, which not only give great service, but also great pleasure to own.

Our history and experience extends right back to WW2 where our founder served in the Merchant Navy transporting British and U.S. Servicemen aboard the Queen Elizabeth Troop ship and went on to work in the watch industry as managing director of UK operations for a few well established manufacturers before founding CWC in 1972

Every CWC watch carries the quality and durability inherent in all genuine military watches. Strength, Durability, Clarity, Precise and Functional, designed purely for particular job. 

For an in depth article on the history of CWC, click here.

Note: Models that are not currently issued are made to military specifications.

CWC offers a three year warranty on all new watches.

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Registered address Handel House, 95 High Street, Edgware HA8 7DB. (accounts only)

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