CWC Tamar Quartz Divers Watch

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Choose from PVD black or silver matte top with polished sides. Spec for both options is the same as the current issue divers watches with the special dial and hands.


A timepiece meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the forward deployed presence designed with and approved by TAMAR's first Commanding Officer. This watch embodies the legacy of this storied vessel in every detail. 

Nautical Heritage on Display:
The CWC TAMAR Divers Watch pays homage to HMS TAMAR with a dial that proudly displays the ship's iconic dazzle camouflage pattern. This unique design, introduced by the Royal Navy towards the end of World War I, was adopted by many of the world's navies at the time – repeated again between 1939-1945, and reassigned in 2021.

A Luminous Tribute:
Incorporating elements inspired by the mast and stern lights, as well as the red and green port and starboard lights of HMS TAMAR, this watch features lume plots that symbolise the navigation lights of this distinguished vessel. The prominent lion motif on the dial is a direct homage to the ship's crest, the motif that is proudly displayed as the funnel badge and, unusually, on both port and starboard shoulders. This badge was gifted to the ship by the shipyard in recognition of their record-setting generation, and its presence on the TAMAR watch face adds an extra layer of authenticity.

Personalized for the Crew:
For the crew of the HMS TAMAR, this watch offers the option for customization. Own a piece of history with your name, service number, and the distinctive TAMAR engraving. It's a unique opportunity to commemorate your service with a timepiece that reflects your dedication.

Exclusivity for Collectors:
While the crew enjoys the privilege of the ship's crest, civilian sales of the CWC Tamar Divers Watch come with a standard issue caseback, ensuring that the spirit of HMS TAMAR is shared with enthusiasts while allowing a limited number of admirers of Royal Navy history to connect with this extraordinary timepiece.

Incorporate a touch of naval excellence into your collection with the CWC TAMAR Divers Watch. Embrace the legacy of HMS TAMAR, a vessel that exemplifies strength and dedication on the high seas. Reserve yours today and experience the essence of naval history on your wrist.

  • Ronda 517 Swiss quartz movement
  • Sapphire glass
  • One-way time elapse bezel (120-click)
  • Water-resistant to 30ATM (300m)
  • Screw down crown
  • Screw down case back
  • SuperLuminova markings
  • Low battery indicator
  • 45mm diameter including crown (41mm excluding crown), 47mm lug to lug, 20mm lug width, bezel diameter 40mm, crystal diameter 31mm
  • Three year warranty

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