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Item code: 73069

Genuine new old stock vintage RM Falkland issue buckle on new light olive colour MoD webbing strap. Date stamped on the buckle.

IRR is infrared reflective made using MOD issue webbing. IRR UKSC5185 Patt 9350K Issue8.

How to fit and use this strap.


20mm will fit General Service and divers' watches. Quick pull adjustment ensures exact fit and is easy to get on and off. Extra long 350mm length, which will fit over divers' dry suits or combat gear where the standard Nato strap is too short to do this.

The buckle stays threaded for ease of use, just slide it on and off. Press the watch against thigh or body to give resistance and pull the strap to tighten. Keepers fitted to retain excess strap.

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