October 03, 2023


Redbar Raleigh x CWCWATCH W10 military watch collaboration


As collaborations go this one is very exclusive. Keeping the essence of the original military 1970 design but incorporating subtle elements of the Redbar Raleigh logo and colours, the design was exclusive to Redbar Raleigh members who were given a window of time to sign up and reserve their special watch. Now all members who purchased the watches have received them they are extremely happy with the results. 

We are always happy to look at producing a special timepiece for organisations, military units and even individuals that appreciate the history, heritage and authenticity of CWC watches. 

Contact if you have a special project or an idea you would like make a reality. 


Below is a selection of other special projects we have produced for customers. flippers diary x cwcwatch military divers watch special project

ACF x CWCWATCH collaboration G10 watch

Airborne CWC G10

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