Current issue Strap, Wrist Watch, Nylon (commonly known as Nato Strap)

August 19, 2022

Current issue Strap, Wrist Watch, Nylon (commonly known as Nato Strap)

The strap issued to British forces for many many years is the...

"STRAP, WRIST WATCH, NYLON" (commonly known as the NATO Strap).

Click the pic to view the range of CWC Strap, wrist watch, nylon.

Back in the day, Phoenix straps were the issued strap. In more recent years, the CWC straps have been issued in their thousands for use on G10 and other service watches in 18mm. The 20mm NATO Grey strap is issued on the black CWC SBS divers' watches currently worn by Royal Marines and Royal Navy divers.

CWC and Phoenix straps go back a long way together, right back to the early days of CWC in the 1970s, which is why we still sell Phoenix straps today. See here.

The main differences between the Phoenix and CWC straps are the durability of the holes, which tend to fray on the Phoenix and the strap can look quite worn in a short space of time, whereas the general longevity of the CWC is much greater. There are some customers who still prefer the Phoenix straps as they are a little thinner and have a more vintage look and feel, while the CWC are slightly thicker and heavier ribbed, which stays looking fresher, newer and are much more durable.

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