CWC G10 Whys and Wherefores

November 09, 2022

CWC G10 Whys and Wherefores

The first watch produced by CWC was the W10 mechanical hand-wound tonneau shape case, which was the mainstay of the British military service watch until 1980 when things started to change.

The MOD requested a quartz watch, which was specified as a W10 quartz.

However, the case was too shallow to accommodate the deeper quartz movements of the day. The G10 case was submitted as an alternative case shape that was suitable for the quartz movement and was accepted by the MOD.

The G10 Fatboy was born, which was the first quartz military watch issued to British forces, so called because it was deeper (fatter) than subsequent G10 watches.

Hundreds of thousands of CWC G10 watches have been produced and issued to all branches of the military and many are still ticking away on the wrists of collectors, veterans and enthusiasts. There are still stocks of G10 within the services, although the last contract was around 2008.

We are currently waiting for new stocks to arrive of the latest G10 watches and these should be available in the next two weeks from the time of writing (09/11/22).

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See the CWC G10 British Military watch here.

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